October 24, 2011


Now that we are sure no checks bounced, and everyone has paid up, it is time for me to thanks everyone who helped me in my European Excursion. To summarize my trip it was a plentiful amount of fun! Highlighted by my Kermis win and the fact that I felt strong and fast everyday I pumped up the tires. Consequently we didn't pump our own tires at worlds and I... hit the deck (not the fault of whoever pumped up my tires), but I still felt good and a wise man once taught me, such is life. Something I forgot to say in previous posts was that at a Junior Anti Doping Conference they did a quiz that we 350 riders participated in and I won! My prize was an all expenses paid, one day trip to the Tour De France with an all access pass on the Champs Elysee. So that's pretty cool. I am a little worried by the fact that I still haven't been contacted concerning the trip but... I guess I still have like 5 months before they need to contact me.
But now I will take a moment to thank all the people that made my trip possible:

Spin Sanity Cycles in Bradford - A beautiful Trigon bike to use in short notice thanks Rusty Fisher and Chris  Glover

My Coach Rick Lee - Making sure I am always at the top of my game and somebody for me to have complete faith in their decision makings

St.Catharines Cycling Club

Team CHCH Raffle (BestRate Financial) - Paula Scott

Washington Mills - both the company and the employees


Rocky Mountain - Desjardins Valeurs Road Team

The CCA Staff for running such a great trip and letting us have many things available to us

Jos Ryan and Tim Harris for letting us use their house

Rene Dupont and his family for letting me stay with them, they showed me the sights, allowed me to watch the elite race and I played some good soccer (football) with their son!

My Grandparents - Similar to Parents

The St.Catharines CC; Team CHCH communities for giving me moral support and having part in the funds raised by each group as a whole

My Parents - Acting as my managers, landlords, soigneurs, agents

Thank you!

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