November 1, 2011

Romp in the Swap/Nats Prelude

The title of this race was quite fitting as we travelled at a low speed through deep mud, I messed up my start but made my way up onto Nathan's wheel by corner two and began to realize his superior technical skills would be difficult to match today. I spent about the first 3 laps with him, always losing ground but sprinting back across the gaps in flat sections. After that it got muddier and I became less efficient and my race to win was over, but seemingly, so was my race for 2nd. I continued on, astray of what was left to achieve. Rolled in for 2nd and immediately Nathan grabs my front tire and says "How @#@# much ##$#ing pressure #%$ do you got in dehr??? (Just Kidding he doesn't swear at all) turns out my gage was wrong and has been all season, I had 30 in the front and 35 in the back, which is far too much for a race that is 90% in deep mud. Nathan said I would of left him in the dust had I fitting tire pressure but that is easier said than done. Great racing, as the USA always has, 20$ to race and 2nd place out of 25 guys got me 200$ in brakes and 50$ cash. Awesome. I hope the USGP in Kentucky is as good as the Romp in the Swap!

National Championships are this weekend followed by a weekend in Kentucky (hopefully in the maple leaf kit) and defending my title is something I really hope to do. Wish me luck!


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