April 24, 2011

Good Friday

Well the only race I have done three times and has gone horribly three times is Good Friday. As a cadet I didn't understand what yellow line rule was and crossed it when it wasn't necessary, last year I finished 4th after dropping myself on a poorly taken corner (which wasn't horrible but all the same I was a bit disappointed) and once again this year a DQ due to a yellow line violation. At least I was among 3/4 of the field who were involved but at the point it happened it was either cross the line or get dropped. I don't mind the results stating BEN PERRY DQ because seeing how we finished in a good sized pack it probably would have said BEN PERRY 28th which really doesn't mean anymore or less from a palmares stand point. I am just glad I got to race hard and finish. Not too disappointed I am just super excited for a S1/2 race with some hills and aggressive riders to see where I stand. Good Friday probably would have been good though now that I think about it if people would of followed the yellow line rule, it would have exploded in the stretch and would have been similar to a dutch kermesse. Maybe next year I will do better?        

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