March 8, 2011

Training - South Carolina

Going to South Carolina this friday should be an awesome 16 hour drive as I have a stacked car with Hatty Mopkins and Gelliot Elbraith. Lots of fun to be had with training on my new bike with my new shoes in the mountains and with all my friends. Okay not all my friends :p I do have a life outside of cycling, although it is the only thing I think about. I am really happy with my fitness too! I have only done one ride outside in the last month and a half (thanks salt then snowstorm pattern x4) but when I went for this ride I managed a 33km avg speed over 1:45minutes! and I did an out and back cancelling all my possible theories of it just being ideal conditions. That is pretty good considering my laid backish, not very hard, winter training. I also went to the track this past Saturday and managed to get 2nd in the omnium of about 10 or so juniors. Which was pretty good seeing as they were all on form for the Pan Ams and I had been watching Hot Tub Time Machine in my basement while riding the rollers. The real exciting part of the night however was the handicap race for deep dish track wheels! I managed to qualify for the finals from the quarters and in the finals I was against three guys on the same FCV team and I found my self at the back on scratch. A little unlucky for me seeing how I was in the last race before the finals and still a little out of breath and how the times that got us there only saw me .4 seconds away from a 20m head start rider. I think my gear may have been slightly to small but this helped me at the starts normally, but not this time. I got a huge jump and found myself pulling back really quickly as I was about to ram into the back of Pat Mcginley but as I did this he was still getting his momentum. I managed to lose 15 meters to there little pack right away and managed to close it to 8 or so by the line but that big a deficit in a 400m race on the track is nearly impossible to come back from. Anyways I don't really care it was a bonus just to make the finals and even to go that day as I only decided to go at 10 30 that morning because of the crap weather in st.catharines. Next post after my fun in the sun!    

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