March 28, 2011

Update for April

Here comes April, and man has it been a short winter. Some people probably disagree, but after getting home on February 1st... quickly followed by 3 weeks off, 3 weeks total of unrideable weather seems pretty good to me. South Carolina was good and my fitness is right where it needs to be. I feel I am at a spot where I can improve a ton and have a good season with no burnout or be too fast in april/may. Next weekend will once again be plagued with long rides that I know and love then the following weekend it's Battenkill then the one after that, Good Friday. You may read this and be surprised to see that I am in fact not doing the Calabogie OCup. I am not aiming for Ontario Series points this year, I will try to do as many as I can but in general I will be aiming at races better suited to make me the best I can be, which may not always be Ocup's. Now I need to plan out all my races for the year and look over them with my parents to see what's in the budget :P   It's gunna be a sweet season!

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