February 21, 2011

Season Re Cap and What's to come

My season was good, quite good actually. With my new genius coach's help and my well planned goals I managed to accomplish a lot of what I hoped for this season. I managed to win every Provincial Championship and National Championship I entered, which I only have realized now and is pretty exciting. Rimouski was an insane experience although I was attacked with bad luck early on I still managed to come out with the Most Combative Award and 2nd Overall in the GC along with one day in Yellow. I had really hoped to do well in the GMSR but due to a 102km stage that I wasn't totally prepared for nutritionally I had to walk the last kilometre after bonking. I somewhat made up for it by gaining 6 places in the following day's crit which leads me to believe maybe I am a crit rider? but I am so uncomfortable in the corners I don't really think so :p

For this upcoming season I will be riding with Rocky Mountain-Desjardins Valeurs Mobilieres, a team that has already helped me a ton and will provide me much more this coming season. I have some easy two weeks of training then a trip to South Carolina of March Break then back home to train then racing in April which I hope to do good at but I won't be anywhere near peak fitness that early in the season so I won't let bad results fluster me. 

Should be a good first season in the junior ranks.    


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