May 15, 2010

VO 2 da Max

Today I beat out my first VO2 max test (that was legitimate) and achieved a score much higher than expected, due to my more laid back training to save peaks for later in season. My score was 77.9 ml/kg and according to a Cyclesport article I read that is 2.9 ml/kg higher than the average Protour rider but I strongly doubt this. I am now going to keep my entries shorter because I enjoy to write and read but probably too much, people or the person who reads this has probably noticed I am quite long winded. So from now on I will be writing more often, only with less words. Actually the people I email probably have the same problem with me :P Heres some shots: ( I also threw in the Bristol Mountain Photo that wasn't of feet, actually I threw that one in too : )



  1. Those machines don't lie, they probably calibrated it just before you came. It's like one of the most accurate system out there. Nice work! What power level did you get to?

  2. He said a little more than halfway through 450 : )
    And it sucked for the longest time I thought the cadence metre was watts cause I have never seen Watts before this and it said watts right on it, stoopid me :p