May 11, 2010

Since Springbank

The rain battered on the glass outside my bedroom as I contemplated what to write about on my long delayed blog post this evening. The reason I am writing is because one of my probably three or so followers, Justin Henri (aka: my biggest fan), demanded constantly why I haven't updated recently. So I decided why not? So I raced Springbank on the 2nd I think and it went okay, half way through they called a prime so I went for it and came 2nd at the line but the guy who won it, Kris O, thought I caught him and cursed a bit but no all was lost. I looked back and saw a large gap to the field with Matt somewhere in between so I didn't pull until he caught and we managed to keep the gap at around 30 seconds for the last 30 minutes of the race. With about 10 minutes to go we decided to start cat and mousing Kris to try to kill his sprint, where he thrives. But since he is now the fastest sprinter in canada and puts down a 7.8 lap at the velodrome he could close gaps of that size in a heartbeat. But in the end it proved that we couldn't tire him out since Matt wasn't having the best day and was a little more tired that normal plus Kris pulled maybe pulled 2 minutes of the first half hour. Coming to the finish Matt set me up for the lead out and I started to power by Kris and I was sure I would win, I guess we tired him out after all, but things were not to be and somehow his pedal collided with my front wheel in the last 50 and my speed loss proved too much to make up. After I looked at the results of a kid who opted out of cadet to race junior and won and noticed his palmares included a 2nd place at GMSR. So I was like no way a first year cadet came 2nd at GMSR. Even coming 2nd as a first year junior would be incredible. Turns out he is my age!! What a tank!! After being a hardcore brides mate at Springbank I felt I was due to win. So I took a fast tuesday night ride and then won the Junior cat. at the Bristol Road Race, my first american race. I won by 5 minutes over a 18 year old getting fit for Air Cadets who I had a nice talk with post race and the next junior seven minutes behind him. Nathan Chown after tried to tell me to just race Pro 1 next time but I think I may go Cat 3. I brought a Cat 5 with me when I attacked up the epic Egypt hill and continuously attacked him but with his 53 - 11 vs. my 53 - 16 and a 90% downhill finish over 5km this proved futile. Coming into the last K where you are on top of a 24% grade hill that lasts for 700m and then a flat 300m to the finish he made the key mistake of attacking, his only attack of the race, at the crest of this hill. The race was mine. I jumped in his draft we got up to 98, the fastest I've ever gone, and I slung shot out of his draft once we had slowed down to 55 where I can manage to accelerate a little and blew by raised my hands for the first time but with little enthusiasm I want to save a real salute for a harder fought race, and looked back to see this young adult applauding my effort, what a nice feeling. Since then I have gone a little harder than I should and I am taking a day off tomorrow. Once again sorry for this late update (justin)  I have even been to busy to read my normal blogs! Let alone write mine.
Thanks for reading Justin ! :p

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    That's sick, I didn't know you won for the juniors.

    I'll see you Saturday