May 30, 2010

Crashes Galore

This is a report covering my last two weekends The Niagara Classic and The Toronto Criterium. In Niagara I was feeling great but about halfway through the first lap a person (as I don't want to point fingers) we will call "Savis" made a mistake that caused a crash. I broke my Big Ring and due to the excessively hilly nature of the course keeping up in my 39 - 16 would be a problem. Due to the Track team's racing strategy of don't pull no matter what we did probably the slowest race in history since everyone was happy waiting for the finish. The finish is up a wall/road we locals call Saylors Hill. I new once the hill started there was no more drafting and it was who could do the best effort and most importantly gap the field. So I jumped early with only Brandon being able to match my jump and then once I clicked down a gear he jumped me and took the win. Second isn't bad for no use of the right hand and no big ring but it stings to be so close when the winner automatically goes to Rimouski with Team Ontario but of anyone im glad it was Etzl. We swept the podium with Matt rounding it out and him also taking the KOH just make sure we made as much money as possible :P Today was Toronto Crit. Incredible location in DT Tor. with a fast technical course. We decided to make it a $h!tshow due to the fact that we had grown tired of a sprinters race. So we kept going Me than Matt, me than matt until Matt sadly crashed on a slick turn. He was fine and got a few free laps but I came to a complete stop and afterwards had a hard time catching since "Savis" decided the best thing to do would be attack which I don't really agree with. So after chasing for 6 laps or so I caught and we were a field of six now. My efforts were applauded by my friends in the field Kris, Adrian, Drew and Matt but "Savis" decided  I was lapped and needed to drop out so I attacked and he followed so I turned and said "Why are you chasing you can't ride with lapped riders" he gave no response. Every time at the same place of the course his family would yell "Perry's out!He's a cheat" including his 10 of so year old brother. I knew this wasn't true and the follow commissionaire upon hearing this notified the finish of my chase back. Coming into the last turn Kris O (future Olympian Trackie) jumpped at the corner and the gapped stayed the same for 200m but with the long sprint I started slowly gaining then his team mate who had been on my wheel the whole time jumped me I should have sat up early on grabbed his wheel and then jumped once he closed the gap but hey you live and you learn. They played out that sprint perfectly! Afterwards "Savis" went around telling people how he had really podiumed and I was a big cheater. I found this despicable but I decided let him have his way. I don't really understand how anyone could get any joy by winning without courtesy or respect let alone try to lie yourself on the podium. I hung out, had some Bucks. Then we watched Noah kill his field by taking the sprint win in a break of three, him and two S3's. I was so happy I don't think I could've been happier if I won myself :P Then we watched the Senior 1's that included 7 spider tech riders. It was a great race with them almost sweeping top 5 coming 1234 6. Two surprising podiums in two unlucky weeks.

Props to Tyler helping Noah today by killing the pace of the pack, awesome job!


  1. Wow I didn't realize what was going down between you and savis, but nice job not getting mad/yelling/slapping him lol. Thanks for the mention!