June 19, 2010

Kitchener Waterloo Classic

This year's event went well seeing as my team swept the podium again with me finishing 1'56 ahead of matt and brandon and the remainder of the field 30" behind them. It didn't go according to plan however as matt was supposed to come with me but 2nd place is still second place so it wasn't a big deal in the end. I left the group at the top of the hill as I saw my opportunity with two trackies on the front who were more than wrecked pumping up that hill so already red lining I attacked and no chase came for a while and I built my lead over about the 45km I did solo, gaining maybe 10 seconds a lap. I was worried the whole time thinking to myself "if I get caught im screwed,if I get caught im screwed" but you have to risk it all to win it all. The best part wasn't winning though or sweeping the podium it was that weird excitement you see on people's faces and on this 13 lap race you had the regular people every time. There was the 3 guys giving me the splits who were all into it and that was pretty cool. My three favorite people though didn't care about it they just wanted to offer some noise to keep me going. There was the small Spanish or Italian (can't tell which) was always running along the road yelling "vaminos, vaminos I know you can do it" there was also Issac Smith how would say "dude your a tank" and stuff along those lines and that was pretty funny :P There was also a girl from beaches cycling club constantly yelling and taking pictures she must of got... well thirteen pictures actually. With about 2 laps to go I started thinking to myself "alejandro,alejandro" but I guess thats more sinkging? not an excellent song but I have no power over what gets stuck in my head: p Afterwords Noah came over to me acting like I won the Stanley Cup or something all excited and it reminded me of the time he won Toronto, exciting. I was also much more excited seeing andrew decal dom the S3/junior race winning the sprint by enough to salute about 10m from the line and also my buddy jugs from South Carolina (the only winner of a morning race not from St.Catharines. Some Pic links below.


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