February 28, 2012

My Week in California

I had an excellent week in California with the OCA, they really pampered us with a great cheap price for the week, spending money, an excellent atmosphere and a free retul bike fit! I pulled 29 straight hours awake and with last night's mere 10 hours of sleep I am still feeling pretty tired... but it was well worth it. I kept my twitter feed constant (if you haven't followed me yet, do so now :)

I was asked to write a report for the OCA and had fun doing so! Day 6 Report
I forgot to report however that "our map" was written on a piece of paper that was improperly tucked into the knee portion of Greg's shorts which made it wet and somehow full of holes.

Here is the file from that epic, epic ride

I am a little bummed yet happy to be home to see my friends and family. Now 10 days to wait and I'm back down to South Carolina with the OCA! 

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