March 20, 2012

Rocky Bottom

No, Rocky Bottom is not a description of my butt after 35 hours in the saddle over the span of 9 days but where in South Carolina I spent my March Break! We down there with the OCA Crew on the 9th and from then on the good times rolled. I had a great week, doing many hours and even more k's with some little bits of intensity sprinkled in at times. A few highlights were the scenic rides like blue ridge, the water baloon mischief on the last day, ice baths in a damned up mountain stream, etzl steping on a nail and feasting like kings!

We ate very while in RB, I decided to try Gluten free for the week and didn't notice, much a difference in my daily eating routine. We shopped fully Gluten free and while I was expecting a hefty food bill it only totalled 140$ at the end of the week, and it got equalized by the Abitibi prize money I came home to (Yes we got our Abitibi prize money 8 months after the race).

While in the stream I regained my engineering skills that I originally lost at about the age of 7 by helping construct a damn. Also while damning away I manged to catch a Cray fish, his name is skittles. I was holding skittles above a spider and then skittles picked up the spider and killed him with his claw. I think skittles should be in a gang. Skittles should get brass knuckles for his claws that say "Thug - Life". That was off topic...

On the last evening with nothing but a 14 hour car ride the basement crew drew up plans to bombard(?) the younger kids with baloons. Funniest things were when I yelled "LAST ONE TO THE BBALL COURT IS IT FOR MANHUNT" and then the 7 of us proceded to run at the court hucking loons at erbody. The other funny time was when a young guys was holding his window open low prepared to close it if a baloon came out to close it and taunted us but while he did Etzl snuck under his window and got him soaked, take that!

The one day where my riding was really tested was Caesars Head and here is the report I wrote for the OCA on that day.

Now I have some training, racing and potentially a month in europe to look forward to!

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