February 22, 2012

4 days so far in the sunshine state!

It has been a wonderful 4 days here in sunny California. There have been some little competitions while we have been here so far, one simulating the Canada Summer Games and one to get OCA media out on the web. Chris Balestrini and myself used our stellar team work to win the leap frog relay and Marc Antoine and myself made some great videos. I have already picked up what I believe all achieveable prizes are in a winter touque and a pair of socks (earning each individually) one sock per video and a hat from the leap frog contest. Aside from that work on the side the riding has been quite good, maybe the best I have ever experienced. The mountains are so beautiful to ride with a scenic view of the ocean on one side and a distant summit and beautiful mansions on the other. Tommorow is our rest day which will probably consist of a two hour ride. Looking forward to the remaining rides of this week.  

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  1. Nice videos. So jealous!! You'll need that touque when you get back.