February 4, 2010

Exciting Few Days

These last few days have been exciting with many surprises. First of all I decided to go to the track yesterday and it was a enjoyable ride, but it was unfortunate because I also missed an opportunity to go to a Sabres-Sens game that I was invited to. Although cycling will always be my first choice in that kind of situation it was a slight disappointment to miss it. I got up there with Jeff Poulsen and a new cyclist Candice, many thanks to them for the ride. So we drove up and I did the interval sessions with the local track riders and chilled around and watched the madison before heading home. During the madison Rob Good (known as head honcho and biggest contributor of the Forest City Velodrome) told me he thought I was more than ready/qualified to ride the FCV Winter Nationals in three days time, although I feel I will probably get spanked by all the other riders my age who have been going there four times a week since december! So I am now registered and racing saturday. The next exciting series of events happened in between 7:55 and 8:15 am the following day. I got my e-mail from the OCA that morning saying I was accepted to the South Carolina Training Camp in Rocky Bottom, so I forwarded it to my dad and got in the car to go school. In the car about 15 minutes later my phone rings and it's my dad, I pick it up "Hello?" "Ben guess what?!?!" "I got accepted to the OCA Camp?" "Oh, how did you know?" "Look at who the e-mail is from" "Oh.... have a good day, talk to you tonight". Pictures from the race in the next post because it has been a dull blog lately :(    


  1. Good luck this weekend, you better update how you do... you've been slacking lately

  2. I am still waiting on that email! Good luck Saturday! Group Ride Sunday?