January 23, 2010

Cruising on Queenston

Went for a ride today with some of the younger members of the club, and Bryan Sheldon, it was good a 3 and 1/2 hours of fun. I met up with the Etzl Family and Jessica Trip at Bryan Sheldon's place to start the ride and then we went to meet up with Justin Henri at Brock U's Rotten Ronies, but a good 500m into the ride I got a flat :( so I fixed it quickly with the help of Bry and Brandon's tools and we caught up with the group at Micky D's. I was surprised to see the three extra riders there Andrew Decal who actually on second thought isn't a member of the club (see above), Robin Watt and another rider who's name I remember but its slipped my mind at the moment. So we went slow for a very long time and drifted up to Picards where Justin and Andrew enjoyed the taste of the grey snow bank by trying to ride through it while Brandon showed them up on his SS and rode it like a pro. I got a Hawaiian Mix at Picards and it was delicious! Once we started again Justin Henri attacked me at a sign on the way to the Niagara Parkway and surprised me with his improvement from last season although I caught him and walked away with the victory :P Later we got to one of my favourite hills that is about a km long up to the Brock monument. Two hours later when Bryan reached the summit (he was actually pretty fast up it today) we started to head back home. An hour more and my decline of a Timmy's break I was in my cosy warm house and enjoyed some home made macaroni and tomatoes. Good Day                 


  1. That was for sure a great ride today. Thanks for saying that I'm a 'younger' member of the club haha.
    The other rider was Jeff Kerton.

  2. Hummm? I guess that's what happens when you stop blogging.

  3. The climb at queenston is a favourite of mine too. It's easy to include in all the loops close to my parents' house, and is steady and not so steep that you can basically do whatever kind of effort you want on it from just riding tempo to a max effort. You're not forced to do a harder effort than you want to, unlike some of the steeper escarpment climbs.

  4. Eat shit Perry haha, I'll take you in the sprint next time. Good ride man

  5. sorry jeff i can't believe I forgot your name I looked around on other blogs for a clue :P
    Ya I like going down from the laura secord museum which adds another 300 m or so on to the length of the climb
    OKay henri we'll see ;) with all those squats workouts probably