December 6, 2012

The Post Season

Recently I was reminded I had a blog so I have decided to update it on the relatively boring happenings of the off season. I didn't have much of a break after racing which is just how I like it, I am rather addicted to my bicycle. I have been running the Schools Program with Saskia and we have tested thousands upon thousands of kids and over 60 are now full time cyclists in our devo group. Here in a Canadian Cyclist report on my job! It is an arduous job, dealing with 30 kids at a time, all hyper due to the fact that both bikes and a TV have integrated into their school day. I am also volunteering a few hours a week to coach these new recruits at the centre as well as the "B" group, whom are the evolution of the devo riders 12 months on. I can honestly feel my maturity levels plummeting due to over exposure to 12 year olds. Aside from waking up at 5am and getting home at 9pm to do my job I have done some other stuff. Training has been pretty standard for the off season, lots of compy and Track racing every other weekend. The track is something I always look forward too, a whole group of us from CHCH go and make every event as hard as we possibly can and even against the "older guys" when they show up we almost always win. Hissy fits are always the response from the "older guys" and it is quite entertaining. I am constantly getting emails from Lotto and that continues to keep me pumped for next year, I look forward to being part of such a professional set up. Today I booked my flight and applied for a health card residency exemption so everything is coming together nicely. For fun I have read many a books (I recently taught myself how to read), rererewatched the VS fashion show on PVR and slept! I also felt some with drawl from cyclocrss having not raced for the first time ever this fall so I popped in at a couple of races, Jeff Moote did a great race at Fireman's Park in Niagara Falls. The fall has also beckoned awards season and I have done well in that aspect. I won a few awards across three banquets and I appreciate the recognition.  An altogether steady easy off season, keeping excitement to a minimal. 

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