July 28, 2012

My weekend @ le tour

What an excellent trip. I got to see and do so much. Words really can't describe how crazy it is so I have updated my Picasa (photo thing on side of screen) with all my photos and videos from the trip as well as a short timeline of all important happening!

Friday (no sleep since thursday morning)
9am: Arrive
10am: Drop of bags and get on train -45euro
11am - 3pm: Arrive in Paris, Notre Dame, Other Church, Cool book store, Disposable Camera, McFlurry, Fall Asleep in McDonalds
4pm: Back in Airport
7pm: Calori arrives, Solvenians flight cancelled
8pm: Dinner (Free!)
11pm: Solvs arrive
1am: Discover they are in other terminal
3am: Hotel
8am: Wake up
10am: Visit start village
11am: Buy Yellow T Shirt for autos
2pm: Follow: Jens, Movi star guy, EVBH, Sau Saujesun guy, Paulhino, Mikal Shar
4pm: Visit finish club tour de france bus
5pm: See all television set ups and get 1 on 1 tour with sean kelly
530pm: Catch up with tim harris who is also there
6pm: go on/watch podium, get TeeJay's autograph ( I was like "hey do you have a pen?" but he didnt so I said thank anyways good job and walked away but he found one and came and got me, cool guy)
7pm: New Hotel and first chance at wifi since splotchy airport!
830pm: Dinner with Euskatel team, or atleast a few metres from them (Everything is breaded so I find french fries around the corner) 
9pm: Asleep
7am: Wake up!
10am: Drop of rental, search for bus
12pm: Visit Eifel Tower
1pm: Visit Arc de Triomphe
2pm: Cool Peugot concept store
3pm: Sit in crowded hot grandstand
3:07pm: Relize we have super vip passes
3:12pm: Back to free club tour de france bus right on apex of the last corner
6pm: Race over
6:30pm: Walk around bus area and get some autographs (Pinot, Scarponi, Chara)
6:35pm: Talk to Chara for a few minutes
7pm: Dinner at very nice Sushi restaurant
9pm: Home and asleep
I took a train to Belgium

photos here - THE TOUR PHOTOS

I don't think I could ever go back to the Tour without a VIP pass,  it was just too good!

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