February 18, 2012


I <3 warm weather, and I don't mean the unseasonably warm Ontario 5c but the hot Californian sun! I will be leaving tomorrow, at 3 am sadly, on a journey to the Toronto Airport. Once there I will catch a flight with some members of the provincial team off to the beautiful golden coast at 8am. I will be spending the week there putting in many hours and kilometres to ensure I have a great 2012 season. It will be good times (which will be from now on be known as gt's). Gt's getting a bike fit, Gt's training in the sun, Gt's looking into nutrition, Gt's tanning at our beach house and just overall gt's! I have also been asked to write a report for the OCA so I'm thinking I will do a report after 2 or three days then do my report for the OCA at the end of the week. I am soo excited and I cannot wait to get there.   

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