January 26, 2012

My 2nd and final year in Junior begins...

This post kicks off the new season, my veteran year in the junior ranks. Much has happened since my last post: I was one of four riders nominated for the Pedal Magazine - Junior Rider of 2011, I finished Exams, applied to university, applied to training camps and started getting everything set up for the upcoming season.

1. Won the award mostly due to all my Facebook friends, but very proud I got the Nom all the same. Alex, Yohan and Marc were all deserving to win too.

2. French grammar exam was okay - Sociology exam was good -Data exam was soo easy

3.I hope to go to Brock Universtiy which will allow me to live at home and focus on my cycling as becoming a pro is my life's work :p - the program I applied for requires an 83 average and this semester after exams I have ~90% so I really hope they accept me, Business Administration. (living at home assuming my parents dont kick me out)

4. The OCA is running two camps this year, one during reading week at the end of Febuary (California) and another two weeks later during spring break (South Carolina).

5. I expect alot out of this upcoming season and if my progression improves at the rate it has been since I started riding 3 years ago I hope to turn the heads of some continental teams. The only races I can say I will be attending forsure are the Canadian National Championships week. I have a lot of races that are dependant on selection and other variables.. hopefully I can create a calender tab at some point soon with all the races I will be at.

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