October 11, 2010

GMSR - TT Provincials and CROSS!

Its been a hella long time since I wrote on this thing. So I last left off leading into Green Mountain. It went not nearly as well as I had hoped. To start things off my goal for the TT was within a minute of first and top ten, I was 11th with a time of 1'01 behind. Damn. Stage two was good I felt great I made some attacks that helped kill our field but with about 10k to go I once again broke my rear wheel ! So I struggled to keep on the group, and luckily managed to have no losses at the finish. Now for stage 3, the big one, I was feeling excellent! It seemed from my group of 9 only 2 of us would kill it up APP gap (there already was a group of 4 up the road). So with about 2km to go I was feeling excellent! but then all in a instant I just could no longer pedal. Thinking back I hadn't eaten much the last few days and that was almost certainly the factor of my demise. I ended up feeling stupid and walked up the last 800m like a old man, only to pass out at the line. It was actually a pretty fun day! The fourth and final stage, a crit went awesome I was off the front 80% of the race and managed a 5th place finish and bumped up about 5 places in the standings. I was really aggressive because I had nothing to lose, I almost had more fun doing that than if I were winning!
A week after GMSR was the Ontario TT Provincials I managed to borrow a TT bike a few days before, make it legal 2 minutes before my start and win by 4 seconds! What a nice day and another Champ jersey to add my now doubled collection :P
Cross has been up then I got on my bike and it's been down since, nothing but the flu and bike problems so now as of today they are all sorted out. I will hopefully in a month's time be national champ and in 3 month's time world champ!!!! but my first goal is to sweep next weekend's Toronto UCI races.
Baby steps.    

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