February 12, 2010

New Wheels and Magazine

On wednesday I met a nice man in Burlington to make a trade for my spinergy's. The deal was my wheels and 250 dollars but after pulling a "Noah MacCallum" and saying "since you love to help young cyclists so much you will give them to me for 150 + my wheels" and he said okay no problem. His wheels are 2010 Dura-Ace Clinchers off his Insane white and red giant w/integrated seatpost. So we met it all went smoothly no black van waiting to kidnap or anything. The wheels look toooo sick and Im thinking I won't use the tubeless technology unless someone tells me it's worth it. Also today I FINALLY got my 1st issue of cycle sport america and it is the best bike magazine out there, except for dan dakin's. It looks good with lots of interviews like Ryder Hesjedal, mon cyclist favourite! I can't wait to read every word and turn it to confeti. There are also a lot of funny advertisements of alberto contador. the one of him as a vampire with a look pedal and him levitating with sidi shoes :P. Couldn't expect lamer from Contador. Anyways enjoy les jeux olympiques!