August 15, 2012


A good race with surprisingly lots of climbing! two climbs at maybe 5% for 750m at opposite ends of the figure 8 shaped course would make for a selective race. I had one team mate with me and we got to work early. Eventually I got up the road with a few guys. We were going okay but not fast enough and no one was working, so I decided I could do this pace on my own no problems and I set off. This motivated them to work and after 3 laps they had me back. Upon rejoining the break I noticed it was 3 riders bigger, including my team mate as a new addition. We helped keep the pace high and then took turns attacking. Soon Thomas was away with one other rider and I got an armchair ride back up to him, once we caught him I attacked but I was quickly marked. After things settled it was only 7 of us remaining with Thomas still going strong. I waited till the next climb and went again, I didn`t think I could do it but similar to yesterday it was a matter of go go go until you feel horrible and they eventually give up. I managed to grow my gap a little on the downhill and then maintain it on the flats all the way to the line, Thomas ended up in 5th place. Another hard fought win. I don`t know if my report writing is good enough to really show how hard it is, but trust me, I crack everytime. 

Thank you to all my supporters here and back home!
Also to Wendy for the life saving sponges on a hot hot day!


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