September 4, 2011

2nd Kermis!

Today's Kermis was similar to that of my previous post, bar near start finish line, bumper cars and frituur w/mayo stand. We lined up with about 105 riders but only about 35 or so finished which means it was quite a hard race. I was front line as always, but I had to start in gravel to get there. I followed moves for about a lap and a half until I saw one forming and I put on the gas and bridged up to it. In the break there was Emile Jean national champion/my teammate, James Oram from New Zealand and a Belgian rider. We over about 15km we grew a 45second gap then Emile dropped so I just pulled through lightly and we eventually got caught by the remaining 50 or so riders left in the race. I was feeling pretty cooked but still followed everything that moved. I saw a lanky Belgian rider moving hastily towards the front as we approached the 1km climb whom I had learned the previous day was a strong racer and quickly got on his wheel. I saw him go but I just could match his pace, but all 4 Kiwi's could. They turned into a group of 7 that held off till the end of the race. I found myself in a fragmenting group that had about 20 riders that contained Yohan. We dropped a couple of guys I think on the last 3 or 4 laps but not many and I was beginning to feel quite cooked from my exploits over the weekend and was going to leadout Yohan for 8th place. Before I could tell him my intentions he launched an attack with 3km to go and managed to sit about 30m in front of our group that pretty much sat up and let him go. Random attacks came but only in the sprint did we really close the gap, he managed to hold on by the smallest of margins and came 8th. I couldn't really stand up I was so tired, but I managed to sprint to mid group and finished 17th which came with a 7euro prize. I am pretty happy with my race, I know if I was fresh I would of been strong enough to follow the Kiwi's on their attack. Any ways looking forward now to some easy riding/sharpening for worlds, and considering making a signature sign off.....?

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