August 23, 2011

Provincial TT and Euro "Prologue"

This past week in my build up to the Provincial TT I did about 500km of riding, so I wasn't going in with the ideal form for a TT but we decided that it would be more important for me to train properly for what's to come in a month and try to just to race this one with what fitness I had. I started last which is optimal. Although my speed was saying different, I felt horrible, my seat felt really low and my legs felt weird and I started to feel my mental fortress that I can normally fortify crumble with all my negative thoughts. I tried to think out the pro/cons and convinced myself with the best cure for a weakening mindset, evidence. I knew I had beaten all of my competition there before so why not now? I stopped thinking about my legs and focused on keeping my head as low as possible and staring ahead at my minute man. After 5km I had taken 35 seconds off him and just kept taking splits off landmarks and smashed the pedals in pursuit. Coming around the final corner with 8 km to go I saw up ahead my "minute man" and "two minute man" side by side and then my minute man stopped pedalling to adjust his shoe r something or that sort. Within 30 seconds I caught and passed both riders and then drove it to the line. I ended up winning by 43 seconds over Justin Zottl and my "minute man" Travis Samuel came in 3rd. Not a bad result considering it was my first ITT since the one I did at Abitibi.

One week today I will be flying out of Pearson Airport to Brussels and I am quite excited. While there I will be competing in 8 Kermesse Races and then the World Championships in Denmark. My ambitions are to win a Kermesse and to help a team mate win a Kermesse on more than one occasion. I also intend to finish in the top 10 at Worlds. The hardest part of this whole preparation will be making sure I believe in myself and believe that I can achieve these results.


  1. Congrats on the win!
    I know you'll kick ass in Europe...don't forget to have fun! And then come back here and school everyone in cyclocross.