January 28, 2011


I am now in Germany with the Canadian Team, nicest looking country I have ever been to so far with tons of climbing and thin roads. A cycling paradise. Getting passed by BMWs who seem to be going twice as fast as us when we are a 140 is pretty cool too. First day we rode the course it was muddy and crappy, today we rode it and all the ruts were frozen and when you ride its sketchy to say the least. People were crashing all over and I managed to find the best lines and I feel I have it dialled for tomorrow. I flatted too in the warm up, good thing I was using my clinchers and not my tubulars. I am also feeling quite strong and I will have a good time tomorrow regardless of the outcome. Looking forward to a long overdue break from racing too although I am still having fun, it just feels like I need to do something else for a bit. I will update after the race tomorrow.  

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