January 12, 2011

First 2 days in Belgium

I am now in Belgium and experiencing a lot of cool stuff, like the house I am in. It is old, like older than Canada old but that is what makes it soo cool. Adam Blythe the right hand man of Philipe Gilbert is a really good friend of the owner and right across from our kitchen is a poster from the Tour of Flanders where he has promised to win the race along with his race number from last year and a photo. Matt Brahmier who is Mark Cavendish's best friend also lives in the area, I know this from reading his book and I also knew before he was a pro he spent one summer living with the British Academy in Belgium, guess where he lived? here. Bradley Wiggins has also stayed here. It is really cool to, to see the cycling culture, plenty of shops and even today we must have seen 15 cars with a sticker on the back of a cyclist that says "supporter of Neils Merkyx" never heard of him, he must be a local. I have even seen a kid walking out of his house in full gear with dad warming up the car outside, probably the equivalent here to a kid bringing out his hockey bag in Canada. Staying with us here is Ed Campbell a St.Catharines CC member along with 2 American Masters who both finished in the top 10 last year at worlds, he is more than certain he will win. Really exciting times and I don't think I will miss the cold in Canada soon. Although it is raining, 10 degrees is still a joy to ride in.  


  1. Awesome. Have a good time in Belgium and kick ass in the races! Keep us updated on your adventures!

  2. Great opportunity for you Ben, we know you will make the most of it. We are cheering for you here in snowy Welland. (Jeff and Sandi H)