February 27, 2010

Good ride, but my toes wouldn't agree.

I went for a cross/road ride this morning and I knew it would be slow because it has been snowing for about two days straight. So it started out as a ride planned by Nathan Chown but he decided not to show so I ended up riding with Ed Campbell and a couple other guys. After about an hour Ed said "It's time to go home" which made me think if Ed goes home its probably going to get really sketchy out here soon since you can't find anyone tougher in the SCC. Then after another 30 minutes I left the other two who had a different way home than me. On my way I had to stop somewhere 3 times to let my hands and feet defrost. It wasn't even cold out either (0.5c). So from now on I know to never ride in a rainy blizzard. Good news now I have received an Email from Rick Barrow and my bike will be ready early next week :) I am very excited :)    

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