January 1, 2010

2009 - My First Season

So this was my first year I considered myself a cyclist, and its something new cause I have always been a soccer player, hockey player or runner. I have never had a passion for anything like I do for cycling. 2009 is over and I learned a lot.
I learned :
  1. I pull way too much
  2. Not to ride near shaky riders
  3. If a Time Trialist tells me not to attack on a hill I shouldn't listen
  4. Eat more
  5. Cadet's are lazy sprinters and will not chase you
  6. Bikes need lots of work to keep running well
  7. Someone is not caught until you are right beside them
  8. That you can tell who is tired by how they ride
  9. Matt Hopkins falls excessively (kidding matt)
  10. That I have much more to learn!
But 2010 will be better, still a lot of learning (by mistakes) and hopefully all the most important "learning" gets done before I move into my Junior years where I hope to race the WC and other major races if all goes to plan. For 2010 I am very excited to race some new races especially Green Mountain where I would like to do my best, it is to early to know what that will be. I would also like to podium if not win Gatineau GP and Coupe Proco (If excepted). I am very excited and hope this will be a break through year. Club ride tomorrow should be loads of fun. HAPPY NEW YEAR


  1. Don't ask me how, but I found your blog!! Happy New Year Ben! Good luck racing in 2010. Does WC mean World Cup/Championships? Explain!

    Take care, see you on the trails soon!

    Jeff Lemon

  2. Haha good job I cant even find it through google
    Yeah I would like to make it to the world championships by 2nd year junior or maybe even 1st year as a bonus : P
    I think its feasible because i was the second best first year in quebec and since team canada selects 6 i was hoping matt, etzl and i would be good enough in 3 years
    and with the help of scc's fast riders i think it could be possible
    just a dream of mine

  3. Dream big kid.

    I have heard about the team being put together. You guys are going to kick butt. Good luck.