August 30, 2010

OSG and Provincials

The Summer games went well, or at least well considering I was on a Mountain Bike. I managed to stay with the provinces XC heros (Etzl and Daniel Hill) for up until the last half lap. Then I was swept up by a group of 4 :( and of course knowing my technical ability over the rocky terrain in Sudbury I was dropped and had to settle for 8th place. Not bad seeing as my last time MTBing was at Lake to Lake :) I had fun hanging out there and jumping of this big rock at the beach. Then there was the big show, Elliot Lake Jewel in The Wilderness, Provincial Championships. I actually don't know which name is the official one but whatever. The Crit was good Etzl and I just took turns driving the pace and we dropped everyone and then he led around the last corner and maintained it to the line, but a win for the team is a win for the team doesn't matter who takes it in the end. Hill climb was great, I set a new provincial cadet record by 10 seconds!!! but I only had it for............ 27 seconds :P because Etzl beat me by 3.04 seconds over the 7 and a half minute climb. So actually I lied. I had the record for 26.96 seconds!! Wahoo. The following day was the road race. The big one. We made a plan to start cat and mouseing the pack in order to separate us from the other riders it only took 25% of the race to cut the field in half and then we started to work. When it was my turn to go I went and never looked back. It turns out the pack was done. I figured if I get caught they will have to do a lot of work and Brandon and Matt will easily come 1,2 so I kept going. Judging by the huge headwind I thought  I would never last. But in the end they never caught and I took the win by 5 minutes. Now that thats over I will never ride in a cadet pack again!! Yay! So now on tap I have the Green Mountain Stage race. I have been looking forward to it for a long time. I am trying hard to contain my excitement for Cross but its hard to do! My bike is almost ready and after Green Mountain I will put up some pictures o my sweet (with new dubs) ride !!

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  1. "...a win for the team is a win for the team doesn't matter who takes it in the end."