July 12, 2010

Post before Va - K

Well since the end of July I have done 3 races. Here is a brief summary: Lake 2 Lake MTB race, where I finished 4th. Aprox. 10km in Nate Chown and Danny Souter powered away from the group and I began driving the pace once I started to feel good and widdled my group of 12 to a mere 2, Jamie Wagler and I. I attempted to drop him but then all of a sudden with 5km of road to go Nathan was in sight so I decided to work with him in order to catch Nate as quickly as possible but in the end I jumped him too late and missed catching nathan. We got up to about 50km'h and the 3 ft wide finishing chute was fast approaching so although we were close he had the upper hand and I didn't want to risk ramming the barrier with this 6'5 giant 22 year old beside me. So after almost 2 hrs of selective single track I came forth being 10 seconds out of 2. The following thursday I headed out to BMO field home of TFC to race the Chin Picnic we were combined with the M3's who were very shaky riders and when the break went I was pinned but since brandon was in it I could just sit and wait till a few laps to go when his gap was enough that I wouldn't catch. I went with about 7 to go and managed 10 seconds on the field of 50+ M3's Cadet's and U15's. Not a horrible day. This Saturday was my best race yet, although I didn't win. It was the Peterbourough TT where I came 2nd by 16 seconds. 1st and 3rd both had full TT bikes and 14 tooth cogs where I had aero bars and a 16 on this selective windy course I was hoping to be within a minute of the leader. I blew apart my expectations and considering I was spinning out on the way back and battling wind on the way out. I think with the right gear I could do really well at TT's this year. So now I'm off to la belle province to race a 6 stage SR with team O and then when they come back I will be staying with a CX buddy Yohan Patry to do alot of big races! Should be a good 3 week Vacation :)

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