April 11, 2010

Tour of Bronte

This race was a great only two of our three members today (Matt had Hockey). Lots of fun riding and got to catch up with Gleco a bit who made his return to the scene after his winter life in Florida. Race started, Senior 4 and Cadet men combined, Dan Dakin team member and editor in chief of Canadian Cycling magazine was telling our group of aprox. 20 riders that we will take the first lap slow and make sure all is safe going around this classic style course, some guy decided he would attack 2 minutes into the race, but I really didn't mind. Our race was 48 km and a total of 6 laps. The course description is a car wide road start 500m then a 90 degree right onto gravel roads that winded for 4 km until a 200m straight away with a jump over a muddy puddle, an arched centre of the road with with big rocks just below the surface that lead you back onto the road parallel to the first, and a head wind (foreshadowing :). I could ride that one section all day, so much fun. So we rode well and fast I stayed in the front few and we jammed along. The guy who attacked early in the first lap, attacked again at the same spot with just under 4 laps to go bringing Brandon with him. I watched and looked at my lazy and tired peloton mates and knew that Im gunna bridge, this isn't coming down to a sprint. So my first attempt went good a shaky Wheels of Bloor rider came along and we were away for a lap and a bit but then he flatted and I had to go on alone. This came as no surprise because he had skinny race tires on his 10, 000 $ bike where I was on my cross bike with 25mills. So I kept jamming alone on this head wind straight away about 200m from the break and the pack behind me. About half way down there is a slight left turn and on the median there was Brandon's break away companion, flat. It seems people who are older than 16 who go in breaks don' t have good luck but here I was in the head wind all alone jamming at a pace I could handle and I saw Brandon to my left on the other side of the median and I realized if you can stay at least 10 seconds up after this straight you can solo the entire gravel no problem. But I looked back, 100m, look forward, 1-2-3, look bac_ no, no need they have caught me. So we keep going I sit to prepare for another jump brandon's been by himself a whole lap now with one to go, so I feel I can do it without catching him as long as I don't bring many with me or at least shatter the peloton, I sit, I rest, I drink for the next two minutes until a crazy sharp gravel turn so I really excelerated into this corner having one senior rider come with me we went hard and quickly got a massive gap and all of a sudden we were on the 2km road to the finish. Tactical thoughts took over my mind and I waited for him  to take a long pull and I then kicked real hard and jumped into Spartacus mode and put my forearms on the bars and TT for the last 1.5km to a second place finish bringing Brandon into within 150m by the end. I did a quiet celebration pointed at my SCC jersey and pointed at Brandon saying we were 1-2, Trevor Dickenson later asked me why I prayed at the finish although I've only been in a church twice in my life (once for perogie dinner, one for soccer banquet). I explained and he understood. I shook hands with everyone I could especially my two companions from separate breaks. I wished Noah good luck talked to Tyler about his awesome exciting win. Went and talked to Steve Bauer, a great hero of mine, although he lives in my city I have never really met him. I went to talk to him after Jim Etzl (Brandon's dad) pointed out my lack of balls and created a challenge for me to break. I expected it to be like a 3 year old talking to Barney but it was good no weird pauses until we were interrupted by his friend, with strong involvement with the team Josse L. but I was glad the conversation had already peaked. We went for the podium and a ten man podium looks good when the centre is all red and green. (Podium wasn't very well balanced, Im on the right).

 We each made 55 bucks and shortly after saw Noah about a minute up on a field of 20 with a big smile looking as fresh as ever, very exciting. This day was an overall great success and my month long cough/sickness is getting better quick! I should be getting back to form soon.

Props to Henri for participating away from his comfort zone and being on the skinny tire bike! It will come soon!

Here is a sample of my dad's photography it is for sale at 30$ for a 8x10 and 5$ for a wallet size.

 Who can forget Favorites like:
   Side Waysish Finish Fence
          Fast Dirty Gravel 
              Quick Grass
       Is that a Mud Puddle?
The Lonely John and Lonely Ben 

But Im kidding there free if you really want a copy :P      


  1. Great job man, are you still going to try and go Junior this year ?